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League Darts Pro

1.01 usd

League Darts lets you manage and track every aspect of your darts experience.- Manage your teams and players- Track standings and wins/losses for individual teams- Track every shot of every game played- Get statistics on averages and scoring summaries for each player of every team- Export statistics to CSV files to share with other players in a spreadsheet format- Import/Export feature to manage different sets of statistics (multiple leagues or seasons, practice sessions etc.)- Contains a simple scorer to play a game without affecting statistics- Supports 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 games- Allows the use of “missing” players for offset team matches (up to 4 players per team)- Supports portrait and also landscape view for faster entry.
In-game features include:- Features both board calculator and keypad modes of shot entry- Board calculator will follow the game rules(I.e. check-out must be a double, divide by 5 requires 3 darts in the board etc.)- Suggestions for all check-out combinations- Suggestions for check-out positioning when check-out is not possible- Suggestions for next dart to make a divide by 5 shot total- Undo/redo buttons for the complete game session- View shot by shot game details directly in-game (certain game formats only)
Game types available:- Double Out - 1001- Double Out - 501- Double Out - 301- Double Out - 101- Divide by 5 - 101- Baseball- Cricket
Coming next in version 2.0:- Ability to create/view season schedule.- League level statistics including (but not limited to) highest game, highest finish and highest shot.- Suggestions on statistics and features are welcome.